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Run line betting uses the same odds as moneyline betting. The key thing to know is run line betting will have one more number than moneyline betting: the run line. Let’s use an example similar to the one above but with the run line included: Dodgers (+160) -1.5. Giants (-140) +1.5.

Baseball Money Lines Betting Explained: How to Read the MLB Odds

Using Major League Baseball Odds to Your Advantage The great part about the ML is that when you bet on underdogs, you can decrease the percentage of games you need to pick correctly to show a profit. For example, if you wager on 100 games with an average line of (-130), you would need to score on 58% (58 of 100) of your bets just to turn a profit, betting $100 per game.

MLB Betting Odds Explained | How To Read MLB Betting Lines

Betting the moneyline on Major League Baseball is simply betting on the straight up winner of the game. There is no run line, there is no point spread. If you think the Dodgers are going to beat the Padres, you bet on the Dodgers to win the game outright.

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Although MLB betting lines include moneyline betting, the run line is different from the spread line. In the MLB run line bet, a 1.5-run is attached to a baseball match. When a team is a favorite on the moneyline odds, they have a reduced 1.5 points in their total runs. And the underdog has increased 1.5 points.

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The numbers next to each run total is the odds the bettor will receive if he or she wins the bet. If Peter bets on the Red Sox, they would have to win by a total of 2 runs in order for him to win. If he bets on the A’s, they would have to win outright or lose by no less than 1 run.

MLB Betting Guide - How To Bet On Baseball - US Odds

Moneyline Betting is the easiest wager in online sports betting to understand – it’s simply whether the team loses or not. When an elite pitcher is on the mound for the favored team, and the underdog has a mediocre pitcher, you’ll typically see the favorite with odds up to anywhere between -200 and -300.

Baseball Betting Explained with Examples | Updated 2021

Moneyline means you are betting who will win the baseball game Straight Up (SU) without a point spread. The team that wins the game wins the wager. The team with the negative sign (i.e. Philadelphia -115) is usually the favorite. In the example above the team with the larger negative amount is the favourite. In this case it is Philadelphia ML (Moneyline) -115 odds.

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A common vig is -110, which means you need to bet $110 to earn $100 if you win your bet. For example, if the percentage probabilities in a game between the Yankees and the Braves looks like: Yankees 45.5% and Braves 60%, add the 2 together to get 105.5%. The extra 5.5% is the vig.