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10 Top 3 Patti tricks 2021: How to get good cards in 3 Patti

When you play Teen Patti online, you need to play with a calm mindset and make wise decisions. Here are the top 10 most beneficial 3 Patti tricks and tips on becoming an expert player in the game by Fun88. 10 Topmost 3 Patti tricks to win a 300% bonus up to ₹1,000. Excelling at 3 Patti may not need the highest ability, but it takes smart tricks.

Teen Patti Sequence | Teen Patti rules- A Complete Guide

Highest Teen patti Sequence: The highest sequence in 3 Patti is 3 Aces. If you get this highest 3 Patti sequence, then you can keep the pot increasing. Therefore, no other cards can beat this trio of 3 Patti hands. Highest 3 patti rules in color: The highest color sequence in 3 Patti is Ace-King-Jack. Teen Patti order or ranking:

Teen Patti Rules - Learn How To Play TeenPatti Game

If you want to know how to get good cards in 3 patti, then you should know about this move. Pair; A pair sequence is when 2 of the threes that are dealt with are of the same rank. High Card; High card is when one gets high ranking cards that vary in terms of their color, suit, and order. 3. Betting Process

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There are few tricks which we dont know about Octro teen patti.That by sitting on different seats with different dealers, we can get good cards.like i have a...

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In order to join the game, you’ll need to place your initial bet (‘ante’). Once the betting time is closed, you’ll get 3 cards and the dealer’s cards stay closed (you can’t see them). Based on your cards you can choose if you want to 'play'. In other words, do you think you can beat the dealer with the 3 cards that you got dealt?

Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Teen Patti - Karobargain

Take your time to get good cards that can improve your chances of winning. If you make strategic bets right from the start of the game, players with weak cards at the table will fold early. That way, you have the chance to win a decent amount of money. Be Alert – Pay attention to other players at the table. Notice their patterns and expressions as your ability to read them can improve your winning chances.

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Two of a kind: In this rule, at least two cards must be of the same rank. High card: This rule is the last rule of the teen patti card game, in this game three cards must be with the same suit. Growing the demand for online teen patti games is also increasing the value of teen patti card game development companies. Tips to play Teen Patti Game. Always start with small :

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How to get good cards in teen patti Indian poker in hindi/Urdu unlimited win [Get 29% Discount on this link]Redmi Note 5 Pro (64GB) (4GB RAM) (Black)(https...

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If you’ve played poker before, then you’ll find that the 3+3 bonus is quite similar to the 6 card bonus in 3 card poker. This side bet will make use of both your and the dealer’s cards to create the best 5-card poker hand. This side bet has the greatest potential in online Teen Patti, so it’s an essential side bet to be aware of.