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Each Techni-Mix HD Series tilt-body intensive rubber mixer from TMP provides the highest quality mixing of your precise rubber, silicone and plastic formulations at an initial cost that is about 50% less than traditional rubber mixing equipment. Each Techni-Mix rubber mixer is designed and built to meet your specific needs.

  • TMP offers a variety of batch sizes for every application — even the toughest compounds from a 5-liter laboratory rubber mixer to the larger 35 to 110 liter production models. Completely American-made, Techni-Mix rubber mixers are designed to the highest engineering standards and manufacturing specifications. Quality components such as Timken roller bearings, Reliance high-horsepower motors and Lufkin gear reducers make the Techni-Mix rubber mixers as dependable as they are versatile. Techni-Mix rubber mixers have many features, including state-of-the-art controls, to make this product the premier system of its kind. Unlike Banbury® type rubber mixers, the Techni-Mix is designed to be as intensive as a drop door style rubber mixer but incorporated into a versatile tilt mixer configuration for ease of clean out between different compounds and colors.

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      • Contact us for more information on our Techni-Mix series or download our literature on the Techni-Mix tilt style mixer.  Be sure to check out our video of the 55 Liter intensive mixer in action!

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              • 55 Liter Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer

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                    55 Liter Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer

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                    Increased Chamber Life

                      • Stainless Steel Work Hardening Chamber
                      • Stainless Steel replaceable wear plates
                      • Hard Chrome plating on all internal surfaces

                      High-Shear Advanced Rotor Design

                      • Dual Helix Tangential High Shear Design
                      • Single-Piece Cored Casting
                      • Hard-faced Wing Tips
                      • Hard Chrome Surface Coating
                      • Replaceable Hard Faced Rotor Collars

                      Superior Heating and Super-Cooled for Single Pass Mixing

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                            • Chamber Cooling Passages Drilled Next to Working Surface
                            • Floating Weight Cooling
                            • Cored Rotor Cooling
                            • End Frame Cooling Passages
                            • Chamber Thermocouple
                            • Consistent Material Temperature
                            • Contoured Cast Cavities for Increased Surface Area
                            • Flood Fluid Heating and Cooling
                            • Closed Loop Thermocouple Control

                            Advanced Controls

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                                • TFT Color Screen
                                • Techni-Mix Complete Mixing and Ingredient Software
                                • Industrial PC Network Interface for Data Acquisition and Analysis
                                • Color Coded and Lighted Switches
                                • Unlimited Recipe Storage
                                • Alarm Status with Continuous Monitoring
                                • Multi-Level Password Protection

                                Tilting Assembly for Quick, Easy Access, Cleanout

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                                      • Chamber on Stress-relieved fabricated pedestals
                                      • One-piece Assembly on Roller Bearings
                                      • Tilt up to 180 deg. with Gearhead Motor Brake

                                      Low Maintenance Lubrication

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                                      • Lubeless maintainable dust stop design
                                      • Trabon grease system
                                      • Air cylinders mist-oil lubed

                                      Floating Weight with Controlled Cooling, Pressure

                                        • Floating Weight one-piece cored casting
                                        • Contoured inner section
                                        • Pressure controlled double-acting ram cylinder
                                        • Chamber-sealed

                                        Dependable, Powerful, Variable Drive Section

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                                              • Variable Speed to 50 RPM
                                              • Forward/Reverse
                                              • High Horsepower Standard
                                              • Surge/ Thermal Overload Protection
                                              • Direct Gear Coupling

                                              Standard Sizes and Horsepower

                                                • 35 Liter 125 HP
                                                • 55 Liter 150 HP
                                                • 75 Liter 200 HP
                                                • 110 Liter 300 HP

                                                DC motor with SCR drive control. (AC Variable Speed Drives and alternate HP Ratings available.) The Techni-Mix rubber mixer series offers additional options such as the newest of which is Vacuum Mixing for better housekeeping and avoidance of trapped gases in the stock.

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