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The TMP TECHNI-MOLD Hydraulic Press for molding rubber & silicone parts has been TMP’s principle product line for over thirty years, with hundreds of installations to satisfied and repeat customers. TMP remains a leader in this industry by continuously incorporating technological advancements to this line of presses with TMP’s advanced controls provide press control, accuracy and flexibility.

We want to Partner with you and understand your business to learn how we can help improve your molding processes with our custom design and capabilities. Consult with a 365 casino engineer.

Scope of Supply

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      TMP current press specifications cover a wide range of design parameters:

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                      TMP 1300 Ton Slab Side Low Deflection Hydraulic Press for the Automotive Industry

                        1300 Ton Slab Side Hydraulic Press for the Automotive Industry

                      1. Tonnages5 to 3,000 tons
                        Platen dimensions5″ – 14 feet
                        Closing speeds40 to 300 inches / minute
                        Platen heatingOil, Electric, Steam
                        Number of Daylights1-20
                        Hydraulic pressuresUp to 3,000 psi
                        Hydraulic preferencesRexroth, Bosch
                        Control ProcessorsAllen Bradley
                        Operator InterfacesAllen Bradley, Maple

                              Types of Rubber Molding Presses:

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                                TMP offers a variety of hydraulic press machine styles including automatic hydraulic press systems and stand alone presses:

                                    • Straight Compression Molding
                                    • Hydraulic Transfer Press
                                    • Hydraulic Vacuum Press

                                    Press Frame

                                      • Slab-Side type press – A Vacuum chamber can be readily incorporated into this frame design
                                      • Four-Post type presses – TMP uses high-tensile rods with over-size diameters, which are identically machined with square shoulder to maintain crosshead parallelism
                                      • C-Frame and Window Frame types are available for special applications

                                      TMP Advanced Controls Systems

                                          Process control programming allowed in TMP’s Advanced Control Systems improve product quality through better pressing accuracy and repeatability. Learn more about our state-of-the-art control systems.

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                                                  Press Platens

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                                                  • Electrically heated platen presses are uniquely designed for uniform heat distribution and temperature control. TMP has designs for high-temperature applications.
                                                  • Oil heated platen presses are also available. This method provides very accurate and uniform temperature over a wide range of molding applications.
                                                  • Steam heated platen presses are efficient for temperatures to 360°F (150PSI). Ourplatens have individual steam traps for better uniformity over systems with a single trap.
                                                  • Our platen presses with integrated Isoplaten® heated platen technology provide high levels of thermal stability to rubber molding applications and can be designed for electric, oil or steam heated systems.

                                                2. TMP Compression, Transfer and Vacuum Press Optional Features and Upgrades

                                                    1. TMP can customize your molding process with vacuum press design options and enhanced automation. They include:

                                                        • A Hydraulic Transfer Cylinder added to a slab side or post press.
                                                        • Hydraulic Upgrades for Precision Control of Speeds and Pressures
                                                        • Electrical Control Options
                                                        • Multi-Press Systems with consolidated controls and hydraulics
                                                        • Platen upgrades for higher temperatures, or cooling passages
                                                        • Mold and/or Platen Shuttle Systems
                                                        • Part knock-out stations
                                                        • Shuttles for transfer molding sprue-plate removal
                                                        • Transfer pot feeding systems
                                                        • Silicone stuffers
                                                        • Techni-Mold Lab Presses
                                                        • Automatic Hydraulic Press Retrofits & Upgrades
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                                                                  Hydraulic System

                                                                  • The TMP press Hydraulic System is a proven for its efficiency and long-term reliability. These hydraulics combined with TMP’s advanced controls provide press control, accuracy and flexibility unmatched in the industry. The system includes:

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                                                                                • Hydraulic unit, consisting of a steel constructed reservoir, pump, motor. Features are built-in such as slow decompression, to eliminate hydraulic shock and extend operating longevity.
                                                                                • Ram pre-fill system with side cylinders for fast closing speeds A “kidney loop” for proper filtration
                                                                                • Ram pressure control of the machine using CPS Controls is accomplished by a very accurate and maintenance-free proportional closed-loop hydraulic pressure control valve and associated electronics.
                                                                                • Dual transducers are used for back-up and reliability of pressure control to maintain calibration.

                                                                                Press Ram & Main Cylinder

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                                                                                      • TMP’s Ram-Cylinder designs are a heavy duty and rated to 3000PSI. The designs contain special guiding and sealing to provide accurate alignment, reduced wear.

                                                                                      Press Crosshead

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                                                                                        • Machined from thick solid steel plate to minimize deflection.

                                                                                        Moving Bolster Assembly

                                                                                        • TMP’s Bolsters are machined steel, ground flat and parallel. Bolster guides are heavy-duty and are temperature-compensating in their configuration, allowing constant clearances to maintain parallelism.

                                                                                        Contact a TMP representative for more information about our custom rubber molding press design capabilities with enhanced automation options.

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                                                                                          365 casino owns the exclusive license from Acrolab to sell Isobar® Super Thermal Conductors and for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America. Isobar® and Isoplaten® are registered trademarks of Acrolab Ltd.

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