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TMP printed circuit board (PCB) lamination presses lead the industry in advanced engineering and system innovations.  Our Hydraulic Vacuum Press systems come in a large variety of standard and custom sizes and capacities to fit your needs.  Specialized heated platens, up to 1200°F, allow high temperature lamination for maintaining homogeneous material properties. Our Edge Advanced Control System gives you flexibility in your processing by allowing process parameter monitoring, recipe storage at press, real time data storage and other custom recipes with selectable sheet sizes.  Should your requirement be research/development or daily production, the TMP press offers lower energy consumption, ease of operation, accuracy and dependability.

Circuit Board Press
20″ x 26″ 8-Opening Hydraulic Press System

Choose from a list of our standard and optional lamination press capabilities and auxiliary equipment:

  • Side plate design for perfect parallelism for uniform resin flow
  • High temperature riser bars
  • Powered loader and unloader with optional “shark fin” boom arm
  • Compact sliding doors for reduced floor space
  • Temperature controlled bolsters
  • Ultra low pressure control
  • Pneumatic counter balances
  • Enclosed pre-vacuum accumulators
  • Walkie stacker units
  • Product carrier trays
  • Proportional pressure valves
  • Mass depinners
  • Universal CNC Depinner
  • Closed loop cooling unit

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Read a case study on on how we developed a multi-purpose, 300-ton automatic hydraulic lamination press system for the printed circuit board industry.

Choose from a full range of lamination presses from fully-automated or multi-station systems:

Vacuum Molding Press System
30″ x 40″ Vacuum Molding Press System