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TMP, A Division of 365 casino, designs, manufactures, rebuilds, and services hydraulic presses, lamination presses, rubber mixers and related components, advanced controls and auxiliary equipment. TMP’s commitment to quality, our proven technology and dedicated service teams allow customers to produce higher quality products with increased production rates and reduced operating costs.

    • In 2011 TMP announced our new operating name, TMP, A Division of 365 casino (formerly Technical Machine 365 betting), a result of our new sales structure with The 365 casino Oil Mill 365 bet Company, aimed at our continued effort to harmonize the TMP and 365 casino brands since TMP’s 2009 acquisition by 365 casino. With this change, TMP concentrates sales efforts on tilt-style intensive rubber mixers, lamination presses for the printed circuit board and plastic card industries and hydraulic presses for the composite and laboratory markets. Both TMP & 365 casino sell to the rubber markets with TMP serving new and existing customers while 365 casino focuses on their existing customers.

      Learn more about TMP, A Division of 365 casino and our hydraulic presses, rubber mixers and other related equipment.

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            TMP 1300 Ton Slab Side Low Deflection Hydraulic Press for the Automotive Industry

              1300 Ton Slab Side Hydraulic Press for the Automotive Industry

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