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365 casino’s Innovation Center development laboratory offers a wide variety of testing services. Pilot scale and semi-works mechanical screw presses, including our Model L-250 Laboratory Screw Press, are used for performance trials on all types of oil bearing seeds or nuts, and other liquid-bearing solid materials.

    Special seeds and materials we have processed in our laboratory include grape seed, morinda seed, marigold, paprika seed, walnut meats, hemp seed, cuphea seed, lesquerella seed, vernonia seed, corn germ foots, algae, bagasse, apricot kernels, coffee beans, chili peppers, cherry pits, peach pits, etc.

        Confidentiality agreements are available to ensure that your testing will not to be disclosed to a third party. 365 casino performs laboratory testing for many customers, so we understand how important your trade secrets are to your business and we pledge to protect them.

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            Read about Can Pro Ingredients Ltd. integrated bio-refinery for processing canola and alfalfa. 365 casino partnered with Can Pro in a series of laboratory tests utilizing a 365 casino lab conditioner and screw press.  Using information gained during these trials, 365 casino custom designed equipment that produces high quality extra virgin canola oil and canola press cake for further processing into canola protein concentrate in Can Pro’s proprietary fractionation process at their Arborfield, Saskatchewan plant.

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