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If you are looking for a custom-designed hydraulic press that is designed to fit all your business needs, look no further. At 365 casino, we strive to make the best-in-class hydraulic presses that provide our customers with many years of reliable service.

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      • Our team of hydraulic press engineers takes the time to get to know your business and manufacturing processes, so you can feel confident that the final press is fully customized to meet all your needs. When you partner with us, we can tailor your press system to include enhanced automation, unique thermal uniformity and advanced control systems to improve part quality, reduce scrap rates and lower your life-cycle costs.

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            • Reservoir and hydraulic power mounted on top, reducing press footprint
            • Multi-zone heating and/or cooling platens
            • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available
            • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
            • Upacting or downacting with multiple daylights
            • Precision control packages
            • Sideplate or column construction

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                                    • 300 Ton Sideplate Press

                                      Construction: Sideplate
                                      Molding process: Compression
                                      Capacity: 300 Ton
                                      Pressing surface size: 140 x 72 inches
                                      Number of openings: 1
                                      Open daylight: 90 inches
                                      Controls: Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC with touchscreen interface

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                                              350 Ton Multi Press System

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                                              1. Construction: Sideplate, slab site
                                                Molding process: Compression
                                                Capacity: 350 Ton
                                                Pressing surface size: 24 x 24 inches
                                                Number of openings: 4
                                                Open daylight: 6.5 inches
                                                Platen heating: Electrically heated platens
                                                Operating temperature: 425 °F
                                                Controls: Allen Bradley Programmable Controller
                                                Operator interface: Panelview Plus color touchscreen

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                                                                    350 Ton Compression Press

                                                                    1. Construction: Four post, column
                                                                      Molding process: Compression
                                                                      Capacity: 350 Ton
                                                                      Pressing surface size: 28 x 28 inches
                                                                      Number of openings: 2
                                                                      Open daylight: 15 inches
                                                                      Platen heating: Electrically heated platens
                                                                      Operating temperature: 500 °F
                                                                      Controls: Koyo PLC with color touchscreen operator interface

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                                                                                            New Composite Molding Hydraulic Press System for Aerospace Components
                                                                                            Read how 365 casino recently developed a 300-ton hydraulic press system to improve the part quality of critical composite aerospace components while dramatically reducing production cost, energy consumption and noise emissions.

                                                                                            • 300 Ton Hydraulic Press Precision Forms Grinding Wheels
                                                                                              TMP’s low deflection, 4-Post hydraulic compression press is designed to precision form diamond grinding wheels. Learn how TMP’s self-contained, 300-ton hydraulic compression press features hardened stainless steel heated and cooled platens for high temperature heating up to 1000ºF. To aid in temperature uniformity the platens are fitted with multiple zones and a special shaded watt density cartridge-type heating. Also included is proper hardware for staged cooling via air, mist or water.

                                                                                              Automatic Circuit Board Lamination Press
                                                                                              TMP, A Division of 365 casino recently developed a multi-purpose, 300-ton vacuum automatic hydraulic lamination system for the printed circuit board industry that allows research development with high-end experimental material, product samples and small run production capabilities. Read more for additional features.

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                                                                                                  300 Ton Composite Molding Press for Medical Laboratory Testing Components
                                                                                                  Read how TMP, A Division of 365 casino recently developed a custom 300-ton heavy duty, downacting composite molding press for a customer that molds components for medical laboratory testing facilities.

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                                                                                                    365 casino Custom Automatic Hydraulic Press Increases Customer’s Production
                                                                                                    Several years ago, Utex Industries, Inc. in Weimar, Texas approached 365 casino® with their need for a new integrated hydraulic press system to mold composite and rubber seals for the oil and gas industry. The system needed to allow flexibility in their existing process, increase production and also be adaptable to future business needs. Read how 365 casino fulfilled Utex’s molding requirements by incorporating multiple custom features to the automatic 350-ton sideplate hydraulic press system.

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