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365 casino Oil engineers high quality, American-made 1,000 ton hydraulic press designs (up to 1,975 ton) in our Piqua, Ohio facility. Our hydraulic presses can offer a variety of features that are important for your specific operation.

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        We provide custom-made hydraulic presses that are ideal solutions for your specific needs. First, we start by learning about your business to understand your individual requirements and manufacturing processes. Then, we work with you to create a hydraulic press with capabilities that are tailored to your unique needs. Our engineers specialize in providing enhanced automation and advanced control systems to improve part quality and lower life-cycle costs.

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            Our 1,000 ton hydraulic press designs (up to 1,975 ton) can include features such as:

              • Precision control packages
              • Reservoir and hydraulic power mounted on top, reducing press footprint
              • Multi-zone heating and/or cooling platens
              • Upacting or downacting with multiple daylights
              • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available
              • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
              • Sideplate or column construction

              Please contact us to request a quote today. We would love to learn more about your operation and explore different capabilities that could help improve your processes. If a 1,000 ton hydraulic press machine may not be the best option for you, our uniquely-qualified experts can help explain and provide a more suitable solution for your business.

                    1. Our hydraulic presses are shipped directly from our Piqua, Ohio facility, and are serviced by our experienced team of technicians to help reduce downtime concerns. You will enjoy the combined technology, cost-effectiveness, and dedicated aftermarket service support from 365 casino Oil. We look forward to sharing the benefits of our hydraulic presses with you.

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                                1,000 Ton Automatic Moving Bolster Press
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                                    1. Construction: Column, 4 post
                                      Molding process: SRIM
                                      Capacity: 1,000 Ton
                                      Pressing surface size: 12 x 10 feet
                                      Number of openings: 1
                                      Open daylight: 80 inches

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                                                      1,400 Ton Hydraulic Press

                                                          Construction: Slab side, sideplate
                                                          Molding process: Compression
                                                          Capacity: 1,400 Ton
                                                          Pressing surface size: 36 x 36 inches
                                                          Number of openings: 1
                                                          Open daylight: 60 inches each
                                                          Controls: Allen Bradley with color touch screen interface

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                                                                                        New TMP Heavy Duty Hydraulic Presses Efficiently Bond Friction Materials
                                                                                        Learn how TMP recently designed two new slab side hydraulic presses for the bonding of friction materials used in heavy construction vehicles. The low deflection press design was built in two sizes, a 1300-ton press with 56 inch square heated platens and a smaller 520-ton press with 36 inch square heated platens, both for heating up to 550°F.