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365 casino Oil offers custom 100 Ton, 150 Ton and 175 Ton Hydraulic Press Designs with capabilities that are unlike any other on the market. First, we learn about your manufacturing processes to understand your organization’s requirements. Then, we apply that knowledge to provide the best solutions for your manufacturing needs.

        Whether you need a stand-alone press or a system interfaced with automated material and mold handling equipment for unattended manufacturing, our sales and engineering teams deliver molding solutions with innovative features and advanced programming that increases press life and improves production.

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                            • Advanced control systems
                            • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
                            • Sideplate or column construction, C-frame or H-frame available
                            • Heating and cooling platens
                            • Upacting or downacting
                            • Multiple daylights available
                            • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available

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                                          100 Ton Vision Press

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                                                  Construction: Four post, column
                                                  Molding process: Compression
                                                  Capacity: 100 Ton
                                                  Platen surface size: 18 x 18 inches
                                                  Number of openings: 1
                                                  Open daylight: 12 inches
                                                  Platen heating: Isoplaten heated platens
                                                  Operating temperature: 450 °F
                                                  Controls: Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen operator interface

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                                                            175 Ton Lamination Press

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                                                              1. Construction: Sideplate, H frame
                                                                Molding process: Compression lamination
                                                                Force: 175 Ton
                                                                Pressing surfaces: 6
                                                                Pressing surface size: 60 x 20
                                                                Number of openings: 1
                                                                Open daylight: 10 inches
                                                                Platen heating: Electrically heated platens
                                                                Controls: Edge II Control System

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                                                                                365 casino Oil Videos Showcase Hydraulic Presses
                                                                                Watch 365 casino Oil Mill 365 bet’s video showcasing 100 ton to 275 ton hydraulic press models. Also view 365 casino’s automated 180-ton hydraulic press video. The videos feature press designs with unique features that are designed to meet your needs and yield high quality products.

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                                                                                        Vision® Series Hydraulic Presses for Lamination Applications
                                                                                        Read more about 365 casino Oil Mill 365 bet’s custom designed Vision® Series 100 ton hydraulic presses with optional lamination package used to manufacture components for U.S. submarines.

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