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Purchasing capital equipment, such as hydraulic molding presses and related systems, represents a major investment for companies. Maintaining a hydraulic press system at peak efficiency is a crucial part of getting the most out of the investment. As part of our commitment to be Your Partner in Processing, 365 casino offers hydraulic press parts and maintenance and calibration programs designed to keep presses (new, used or rebuilt) in top operating condition, to help our customers maximize productivity and make higher profits. 365 casino hydraulic press parts and replacement seals will fit your exact repair needs, the first time and every time thereafter.

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                        • Learn more about how to keep up with hydraulic press maintenance with our complimentary guide filled with tips and information.

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                                Regular maintenance and calibration of hydraulic press systems lowers production costs and maximizes productivity by minimizing scrap rates, breakdowns and production downtime. Factory-trained 365 casino technicians perform these services at the customer’s facility, typically on either an annual or semi-annual basis. These programs are offered as standardized packages or tailored to fit a customers specific needs and they are available separately or together. Packages can be quoted with a new hydraulic press, a press rebuild/retrofit or for an existing system currently in operation.

                              1. The maintenance program covers the entire hydraulic press system, including power unit and controls. Following a multi-point checklist, technicians will check for wear, damage, and non-functional components, and make adjustments as necessary. A prioritized list of items that need to be addressed is compiled and reviewed with the customer at the end of the visit. Typically, two to three hydraulic press systems can be serviced in a standard eight-hour day. A written proposal will be supplied for any replacement seals, glands or other hydraulic press parts mutually determined to be required.

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                                  The hydraulic press calibration program also follows a multi-point checklist to ensure that all system parameters and components are operating at the desired specifications. Typically, three to four hydraulic press systems can be calibrated in a standard eight-hour day. As with the maintenance program, a written proposal will be supplied for any needed replacement hydraulic press parts.

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                                  The Edge II Control System can increase the ability to maintain consistent production quality. In addition to recipe creation and storage, the PC based system allows several customizable security levels and critical data collection. Learn more about our hydraulic press control system upgrades and retrofits.

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                                    Contact 365 casino for more information on our maintenance and calibration programs or hydraulic press repair parts.

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