casumo poker,bet casino slots,strike casino,TMP Offers a Range of Fully Automated or Multi-Station Plastic Card Lamination Press

TMP offers a full range of plastic card lamination press options from small lab presses and prototype units to fully-automated or multi-station systems. TMP’s latest innovation is a special system for the production of contactless cards. Turn key lamination press systems are available for lamination or entire plants.

        This newly designed multi-action lamination press has been accepted internationally for manufacturing the highest quality laminate. The ML series laminators come in a variety of custom sizes to fit your needs. This series features the precise pressure and temperature control for laminating contact and contact-less cards. These units can be run with some openings hot and some openings cool or all openings heated and cooled. Rapid cycling makes the ML series an ideal companion to the Indigo printer.

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          24″ x 30″, 14-opening, Automated Lamination Press
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            Advanced Computer Control

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            • 10 Segment Pressure Control w/Ramping
            • 10 Segment Temperature Control w/Ramping
            • 5-10 Recipe Storage
            • Password Protection
            • Accurate Pressure Control +/- 2% full scale

            Advanced Diagnostics

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                  • High/Low Temperature Alarm
                  • High/Low Pressure Control Alarm
                  • Heater Failure Alarm (Available)
                  • Diagnostic Alarm Screen (Available)

                  Additional Items & Auxiliary Equipment

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                  • Aluminum Platens (240°C)
                  • Certified Steel Platens (260°C)
                  • Trays, Pad, Chromes
                  • Process Control w/Data Recording
                  • Closed Loop Chiller Unit

                  Accurate Temperature Control

                    • Electric Heaters +/- 1.7°C (Aluminum Platens)
                    • Steam Heat +/- 1.7°C
                    • Thermal Oil +/- 1.7°C

                    Choose from a full range of lamination presses from fully-automated or multi-station systems:

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                                  TMP Plastic Card “Starter” Laminator

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