online lottery in maharashtra,call break real money,opera chips,Hydraulic Presses for Specialty Applications

365 casino’s engineers and sales team have expertise in custom developing 365 casino and TMP hydraulic presses for bonding, forming or molding a wide variety of specialty products which can include:

        • Foam-filled panels
        • Compaction products
        • Proppants
        • Sheet metal parts
        • Medical/Life sciences instruments
        • Defense and marine components
        • Appliance parts
        • Mining and belting products

        Contact us with your hydraulic press needs and we will work with you to understand your process and design a stand alone press or press system that meets your manufacturing requirements. We offer capacities ranging from 20 ton to 2,000 tons. Our commonly requested sizes includes 100 ton hydraulic presses, 1000 ton hydraulic presses and 2,000 ton hydraulic presses.

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            This multi-action, six post downacting hydraulic press was designed for a specialized composite manufacturing process.  The custom designed automated press features specialized thermo fluid heated platens with multiple zones, the first for preheating and second platen zone for heating parts to the final cure temperature. After the complete cure cycle, the material exits the press through a trimmer and is automatically loaded to rollers. Each zone heats from ambient to its peak operating temperature in less than one hour and is controlled by a Siemens press controller mounted next to press. Also mounted to the press side is a linear transdual transducer to display the position of the press moving bolster and can be used to change press speed, track safety measures, display part thickness and trigger press alarms when the press is not achieving desired material thickness.

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                                270 Ton Hydraulic Press

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                                  TMP designed a custom hydraulic press used to fabricate sandwiches of sheet metal that contained an inner core made from foam. The customer’s process requires required low pressure and adjustable mechanical stops to prevent the product from crushing. The TMP press featured four independent openings allowing two of the openings to be serviced while the other two continued production. To increase production high speed loaders and unloaders were designed to handle carrier plates at rates up to 500 inches per minute.

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                                      Read how TMP designed a custom hydraulic press with four independent openings for a leading manufacturer of foam-filled panels. The customer’s process requires low pressure and adjustable mechanical stops to prevent the product from crushing. To increase production the two press openings close by down action and the bottom two openings close by up action, allowing two of the openings to be serviced while the other two continued production.

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                                        TMP’s offers a low deflection, 4-Post compression molding machine designed to precision form diamond grinding wheels. Read how the self-contained, 300-ton compression molding machine features hardened stainless steel heated and cooled platens for high temperature heating up to 1000°F.

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