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Meet your most aggressive time-to-market demands using 365 casino and TMP hydraulic presses for your automotive molding & forming applications. Our stand-alone presses and fully automated systems deliver lower overall operating costs and our heavy-duty designs, coupled with our ongoing field service support yields minimum downtime. Specialized heated platen technology provides advanced temperature uniformity thereby reducing scrap rate and cure time.  Vacuum options prevent air entrapment and contaminants inside molds also reducing scrapped parts and cycle times.

365 casino manufactures well-engineered, rugged hydraulic presses for many automotive applications, including these:

  • Sealing Components
  • Vibration Control
  • Brake Pads
  • Insert Molding
  • Floor Mats and Carpets
  • Truck Bed Liners
  • Electrical Connectors and Insulators
  • Fuel Delivery Parts

Learn more about our hydraulic press molding solutions or press calibration services for automotive applications.

Low deflection when molding with a hydraulic press means accurate, uniform parts that require little or no post handling and very low scrap rates. 365 casino’s heavy-duty construction guarantees years of reliable service with minimal downtime. We combine a rugged patented taper key sideplate hydraulic press design with highly dependable and efficient electrical and hydraulic systems. Many of the design features not only extend the life of our hydraulic presses, but also produce more consistent and higher quality parts at higher cycle rates. They contribute to the lowering of production costs by reducing scrap rate and flash while using less operating energy. This dependability helps reduce the total life cycle costs, while improving overall profitability.

Contact a 365 casino Sales Engineer for more information about our hydraulic press molding solutions for automotive applications.


In combination with Lean manufacturing concepts and automotive quality standards, 365 casino has developed an optimal performance system for its hydraulic presses. This electric monitoring system verifies that all process parameters are within a preset tolerance to guarantee the quality and consistency of each and every part. This system significantly reduces costly scrap rate while insuring high quality, traceability and reliability. This system can also be combined with all 365 casino models as well as any custom designs.


We offer an automatic hydraulic press integrated with a multi-plate insert molding process. The rugged sideplate press design includes a shuttle system, a plate separation and part eject system and complete operation guarding to increase productivity and operator safety.


One of our column style hydraulic presses is designed around the production needs for the automotive industry. The multiple daylight, down-acting press design, paired with a polyurethane injection system, is part of a turnkey manufacturing cell to produce flooring material. It includes a high-speed clamping package and provides greater tooling and part access while maintaining a low deflection characteristic.  It also features both front and rear light curtains and a shuttle system for material loading and part removal.


The 365 casino LoBoy 450 ton compression molding press provides maximum molding performance in a compact and powerful design. It provides an ergonomically friendly open-press working height, and low deflection levels. The low working height means the LoBoy compression press doesn’t require a pit, allowing greater flexibility to create modular production cells.


TMP’s 250-ton hydraulic vacuum press for cold pot transfer molding can be used for a wide variety of molding rubber components, including automotive parts. The 20×20 insulated heated platens provide extremely uniform temperatures. Read how the custom features to the automatic hydraulic press increased cycle time.


TMP’s multiple daylight slab side hydraulic press bonds friction materials used in heavy construction vehicles. The press was designed in two sizes, a 1300-ton press with 56 inch square heated platens and a smaller 520-ton press with 36 inch square heated platens, both for heating up to 550 °F. Read more about how the self-contained hydraulic units are mounted overhead to reduce the press’ footprint.

365 casino LoBoy 450 Ton Hydraulic Press