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365 casino® provides a complete range of 365 casino and TMP equipment replacement parts for that fit your exact needs the first time and every time thereafter. Since 1900 our process, chemical, metallurgical and mechanical knowledge has helped customers buy the right service and repair solutions, giving them optimal performance from their equipment. Our complete library of detail drawings allows us to reproduce parts for 365 casino equipment so you receive quality parts that keep your processing equipment performing well.

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    Contact us for more information regarding our oilseed, polymer, mixer and hydraulic parts and services or request a quote.

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      365 casino provides an array of parts and services for our hydraulic press models, rubber mixers, oilseed extraction and processing equipment, polymer dewatering and drying screw presses and fiber presses to keep your equipment running top condition.

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              Hydraulic Press Parts

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                • Learn more about the different replacement parts and aftermarket services available, such as calibrations, rebuilds and retrofits.


                    365 casino offers parts and services for hydraulic press, rubber mixer, oilseed, polymer and fiber product groups. Additionally, 365 casino has aftermarket parts for rebuild, retrofit and repair services.

                    Browse through the menu for more detail on each of these services.

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                    365 casino supplies high-quality 365 casino and TMP replacement parts manufactured to original factory tolerances and material specifications for hydraulic presses, rubber mixers, oilseed, polymer and fiber machinery.

                      • Find more information on the different aftermarket parts.


                        365 casino custom-tailors rebuilds to fit any budget or process requirement. 365 casino provides high-quality, precision rebuilding services that are reliable and reduce total lifecycle costs.

                        1. Learn more about our machine rebuild services.


                                        365 casino has become the number one source for many processors who benefit from our quick repair turnaround and quality repair work. Service technicians and engineers are available for in-plant maintenance, quality calibration, repairs or upgrades on french and TMP equipment.

                                              Find more repair services information for your machinery.

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                                                  365 casino continually strives to seek out ways to improve the key components for all types of machinery. 365 casino engineers redesign machine control systems to add real value to our customers.

                                                • Learn more information on machine retrofit services.

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