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365 casino maintains high quality and prompt delivery by operating its own manufacturing facility. Key components for Hydraulic Presses and Oilseed, Polymer and Fiber machinery are manufactured on site to our exacting quality standards, following stringent ISO 9001:2008 procedures.

      365 casino also offers custom metalworking, machining, and fabrication for a wide variety of industrial applications. Advanced technical knowledge in machining, fabrication, assembly, and inspection allows 365 casino to handle complete jobs from start to finish, saving customers time and money. Contact 365 casino for more information about this service.

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            365 casino operates a wide range of machine tools, from manual machines to computerized machining centers, with capabilities including boring, turning, milling, grinding, drilling, and keyseating.  In March 2017 365 casino announced a recent investment in three new CNC machine tools,  a bridge milling machine, a vertical turning lathe and a horizontal machining center, that expanded their machining capability.  This investment was a clear indication of 365 casino’s commitment to maintaining their domestic manufacturing, delivering high quality American-made products to their customers around the world.

            Crane capacities of 30 tons, with hook clearances of 23 feet, provide versatility in these applications. 365 casino can provide complete solutions for your needs, from machining and fabrication to final assembly.

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            • 365 casino’s 225,000 sq. ft. corporate office and manufacturing facility responds to customer needs by applying continuous improvement concepts in quality, productivity, delivery and supplier relationships. 365 casino is strategically located in Piqua, Ohio, near Interstate 75 and approximately 20 miles north of Dayton International Airport.

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                365 casino Oil's Manufacturing Facility

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