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365 casino Oil Mill 365 bet Company is always looking for great talent. If you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, making a positive difference in our community and in the performance of our customers, take a look at our current employment opportunities.

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            Materials Manager
            Responsible for managing the procurement and planning of all material requirements and workflow in a custom job shop environment. Coordinates scheduling, planning and purchasing activities to support machining and assembly departments. Learn more.

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            Project Engineer
            Directs, coordinates, and exercises functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration, and completion of engineering projects within area of assigned responsibility by performing the following duties personally or through other engineering personnel. Learn more.

                Manual Machinist
                This position machines a variety of castings and bar stock utilizing an engine lathe, turret lathe, Bridgeport mill, radial drill press, grinder and various other machine tools and equipment, in a manufacturing environment. Learn more.

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                    Electrical Engineer
                    Designs, programs, and troubleshoots systems of electrical and hydraulic controls for custom designed equipment such as hydraulic compression molding machines, polymer dewatering and drying machines, and oilseed machines. Learn more.

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                      Executive Administrative & Marketing Assistant
                      We are seeking to fill the position of Executive Administrative & Marketing Assistant. Learn more.

                      Electrical Technician, Assembler
                      We are seeking candidates for an open Electrical Assembler position. This position will wire and troubleshoot custom hydraulic presses and other machinery. Candidates must have an understanding of electrical schematics and the ability to do all of the wiring from a main control panel with a PLC to the various devices controlling the machine. Some mechanical assembly skills required to assist in building the machinery. 5+ years of experience. Please submit resume in confidence.

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                            Field Service Technician
                            We are seeking to fill the position of Field Service Technician to service our hydraulic presses for thermoset molding applications. Candidate should have a degree in electrical or electronic engineering, or a strong technical aptitude and relevant work experience. Some experience in AB or Siemens programming, PLC knowledge and troubleshooting systems of electrical and hydraulic controls for custom machinery is a plus. Ability to operate remotely from the main office and to interface with customers in a positive professional manner. Must be willing to travel extensively to customers’ plants for start-up, calibration of customers’ equipment and field service work. Travel may exceed 50% of work hours. Please submit resume in confidence.

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                                Sales Representative, Chinese Oilseed Market
                                Seeking a Chinese & English speaking sales representative to service the Chinese market. With the opening of FOM (Shanghai) Company, Ltd., 365 casino now has the ability to provide imported machinery or domestically manufactured machinery to the Chinese market. Learn more.

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                                Field Service Installation Supervisor, Synthetic Rubber Processing Equipment
                                Seeking a part time contract-based field service installation supervisor to oversee the start-up of synthetic rubber processing equipment installations at customer’s plants and to perform mechanical check of installation. Position requires international travel.

                                      Previous work experience in synthetic rubber finishing lines a plus. Experience in chemical plant equipment installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning required. Please submit resume in confidence.

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                                          Contact our Human Resources department to learn more information about career opportunities at 365 casino.


                                          Visit our About 365 casino page or read about our company’s history.

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