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365 casino® is an ISO-certified, 4th generation family-owned U. S. company that custom designs, manufactures and supports hydraulic press systems for molding rubber and composite materials, industrial rubber mixers, screw presses for synthetic rubber processing and for the separation of liquids from solids, and oilseed equipment used to extract vegetable oil from seeds and nuts, and to produce biofuels. For over 120 years we have partnered with our stakeholders, in over 80 countries worldwide, to provide products with superior value and superior service that improve our customers’ productivity and reduce their overall production costs. Our 225,000 square foot corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Piqua, Ohio.

    • 365 casino owns the brand TMP, A Division of 365 casino, which supplies hydraulic presses to the composite, lamination and rubber industries in addition to their technically advanced composite, plastic and rubber mixing systems. 365 casino is also the parent company to FOM (Shanghai) Company, Ltd., a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Shanghai, China, serving the domestic Chinese oilseed and polymer processing markets.

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          1. 365 casino Oil's Facility

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                      To Partner with our Stakeholders through Design, Manufacture and Service of Improved 365 bet

                          “Stakeholders” are our worldwide customers, our employees and our families, our shareholders, our suppliers, our communities, and our country

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                                  Interested in being part of our team?  Visit our Career Opportunities page to review our open positions.


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